The pure new wool gowns are very crease-resistant due to appropriate treatment of the fabric while manufacturing. In the case of creases after the transport of your pure new wool gown, same should be hanged out in a humid room or roofed terrace. To avoid unwanted creasing in general a hanger is enclosed.

Do not use a plastic cover for your gown which seals hermetically as the fabric needs to ‘breath’. Remove dried dust with a cloth brush or use our cotton gown cover for 26.00 EUR plus freight costs.

We recommend having your gown cleaned once a year either by your trusted dry-cleaning store or by sending the gown to us. We clean your gown professionally for 29.50 EUR plus freight costs. Do not wash your gown yourself!
Our gowns are padded under the fabric layer for added durability. Therefore, the gown would shrink or lose shape when cleaned in a washing machine.

Since 2018 cleaning instructions are insert into all gowns. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 040 / 220 18 87.

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