Communion Introduction, Repair and Refurbishing

Communion ware
Each of our Eggert communion ware is crafted individually at a silversmith. Thereby we guarantee for the highest quality. We are pleased to counsel you on what to take into consideration to choose your communion ware.

Silver-coated polished – classic and splendid
Silver is applied on a brass core, crafted according to greatest blacksmithing. The surface is polished by default. A matt surface is possible by request.

Solid silver – exquisite and precious
Every silver-coated ware can be crafted from pure sterling silver 925/00. The price depends on the current silver price.

Gilded on the inside – sophisticated and noble
Silver-coated or solid silver ware can be glided on the inside. The price depends on the current gold price.

Stainless steel – sturdy and resistant
Our stainless-steel ware does not tarnish, is resistant and easy to sterilize. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for hospitals.

Pewter –genuine and low-maintenance
Pewter ware appears genuine and native. It is as low-maintenance as stainless steel and cleaned with soft detergent and dried carefully.

Wrought surfaces are invoiced with a 25% surcharge

Repair and Refurbishing
To retain original brilliance of your valuable communion ware from past epochs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to perform the restoration. Therefore, we require the communion ware in-house to assess same and prepare a quotation upon consultation with our silversmiths.

Our communion ware cases offer
– solid wood frame, which copes with tough challenges
– all pockets are moulded individually according to the wares shape
– coated with red felt on the inside, long-lasting hinges
– covered with low-maintenance black pleather on the outside
We are able to personalise your communion case according to your communion ware and additional content you wish to store in your case. Please send us the measurements and we will provide you with an offer for your personalised communion case.

Communion set
We are able to provide you with a customised offer for your personalised communion set according to your choice of an individual cup, wine flagon and corresponding tray.

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