Our Tailoring

Every detail matters on a gown. Only then the gown becomes a companion, which will not fail you in any situation.
A gown should:

  • Be timelessly beautiful
  • not become worn off
  • be easy to care for
  • dress, surround and protect you at your service

For generations we tailor gowns, which are precisely serving this purpose. In doing so we review constantly, if our requirements are still secured by our craftsmanship. Even though a lot of designs stay the same, there is a huge variety of fabrics, pattern and colours. We combine traditional and modern fabrics in such a way that you only feel one thing on your skin: Quality.

A high-quality gown is recognised by its fabric and fitting. A perfect fit is unachievable with a ready-made gown. A gown is not a fabric cover to flick over one’s shoulder. Every body has its characteristics and certainly a ladies’ gown differs from a men gown. Hence, every Eggert gown has a unique fitting. Therefore, special requests like reach-throughs or an additional pocket are easy to amend. Eggert gowns are made for long-lasting commitment and your comfort.
This can be distinguished by following details:

  • fabrics and ticking of highest quality
  • cutting of the shoulder section with or without jacket underneath
  • wraparound fixed collar
  • roulette drapes on the yoke are hand-pulled and therefore evenly
  • buttons are sewed-on by hand and not machine-sewed
  • piped pockets (hardly tear out)

However, our tailors cannot only work with gowns. Moreover, these items are available:

  • offertory pouches
  • gown covers
  • baptism garments
  • Geneva bands
  • collared shirts (also for ladies)
  • edge collared shirts
  • cope alb for ladies and men
  • paraments
  • Lutheran vests and Lutheran coat
  • vestments
  • stoles
  • white gowns
  • lawyer robes
  • copes e.g. for the Michaelmas congregation
  • altar linen
  • altar cloths