About Eggert

Since 1880 the business Eggert is an outfitter for devotion, liturgy and service. Founded in Mühlhausen/Thuringia and since 1950 resident in Hamburg, we have dedicated ourselves to custom work of gowns and vestments. We take pride in our hand-crafted products and offer our customers highest quality, which supports and dresses them during their service. Meticulous tailoring marks our liturgic garments, which are manufactured with a decades-old knowledge and modern fabrics by our tailors. Our Geneva bands, collared and edge collared shirts, our further gown accessories and also our paraments and stoles are sewed with high-quality fabrics in Germany. Our products are sold all over Germany as well as international.
We focus especially on fabrics and manufacturing of our collection, therefore our candle manufacturer, whittler, baker of communion wafer, silversmith and other craftsmen are selected deliberately. Consequently, we have a longstanding cooperation and mutual trust with our suppliers. We are in permanent contact to continuously optimise our products and ensure their quality. We work with most diverse material like ceramics, stainless steel, bronze, sundry wood species, glass, brass, slate, pewter and silver to offer our customers various products. Since we added ‘art’ to our name, we get inspired by any sacred and secular sculptures and paintings and are open to new artists and craftsmen. Due to the excellent relationship to our suppliers and the inhouse custom tailoring at Eggert we often are able to consider our customers individual wishes and do our utmost to make them possible.

As a company with one of the most long-standing tradition for equipment around religious demand in Germany, we provide you with our experience and expertise regarding manufacturing, consulting and selection of our products. We set great value upon the well-being and satisfaction of our customers and are willing to go above and beyond to archive it. As a team we believe, that beautiful things are timeless and its worth to maintain tradition and combine it with modern incentives. Our team consists of our two tailors Mrs Kalweit and Mrs Lühmann as well as Mrs Jana Eggert and Mr Sven-Erik Sautter. Mrs Kalweit is working for us for decades and now passes her technical expertise and knowledge on to Mrs Lühmann. Mrs Jana Eggert and Mr Sautter were taught from scratch by Mrs Roswitha Eggert and benefit to this day from the experience she gave them to take with. In the year 2016 Mr Sautter took over the Eggert Kirche + Kunst and is continuing the Eggert tradition combined with modern elements. Unofficial team members, who exert a positive influence within the work environment of the company, are the youngest offspring of the Eggert-family, Flemming, as well as the chow-chow female dog Mimi.

We thank you for your interest in our company and look forward to a successful cooperation. Please contact us directly to share your wishes, questions or suggestions with us.

With kind regards from Hamburg,

Sven-Erik Sautter

Visit us at our store in Hamburg
Eggert Kirche + Kunst
Mundsburger Damm 32
22087 Hamburg

Business hours:
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 3 pm
Appointments outside business hours possible upon consultation.